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Share information and experiences, ask questions, and gain support from others who are at a similar point in their pets' cancer journey.

Note: Our Canine Cancer Support Chat Group Program is Under Revision, should you have immediate needs, please contact us here



The Unlucky 13 of Older Pets by M.J. Hamilton DVM, DACVIM - Oncology

The symptoms of cancer in dogs are not always obvious. While big lumps and bumps are noticed by many, the subtleties of other cancers can be missed...read more

Maxine Hagan"Maxine" Hagan Memorial Donation

"Maxine was a wonderfully feisty little dog with lots of energy and personality. Throughout her long life life Maxine enjoyed the love of her family, and had no trouble being the center of attention. Maxine will be missed for years to come, however, memories of her will forever warm the hearts of those that loved her. "

Your donation in memory of Maxine can be placed here:

Our Mission

The Pawstrong Animal Cancer Foundation mission is to be a world leader in advancing veterinary research that protects treats and cures animal cancer. The Foundation goal is to fund research studies which will lead to animal health Pawstrong Puppybreakthroughs in diagnostics, treatments, prevention and cures of animal cancer.

We believe that, working together, we can create a healthier tomorrow for animals. At Pawstrong Animal Cancer Foundation, we believe animals make the world a better place.

Whether we work on staff, serve as board members or volunteer as scientific advisers, each of us strives every day to create a healthier tomorrow for animals worldwide. Animals are our family members, our companions and our inspiration.

Pawstrong will help animals enjoy longer, healthier lives...read more




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